Professional Pool Table Moving Services In Aventura

Moving a pool table is not just a matter of several strong guys picking it up and moving it from one location to another. Pool tables while being bulky and very heavy are also quite fragile and intricate. It will need to be properly disassembled to avoid damage during the move and then reassembled when it reaches its new location. Ensure that the destination room will comfortably hold the table. If it is a new table, you may not be sure. Generally speaking, tables come in sizes 3.5 ft x 7 ft or 4 ft by 9 ft. You should add about 10 ft to the dimensions of the table to figure out the minimum ideal space to hold the table. So for example, if the table is 3.5 x 7, the room should be at least 14 ft by 17 ft.

You need to ensure that the slate and balance are setup properly so that you can enjoy your table for years to come. It is easy for the slate to become unbalanced during the move. Any chip or dent to the slate can have an enormous effect on how the pool table functions when it is put back together. All the parts, including the slate, need to be wrapped carefully. If the slate comes in multiple pieces, remember that damaging one is just as devastating as damaging them all. They are matched to each other, so you cannot just replace one piece of the slate. However, our professional Aventura pool table movers have moved and setup all sizes of the table in the area so we are capable of doing the job the right way the first time around. We have all the necessary specialized tools and can offer specific advice for the care of your table.


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Awesome job! They did a quick job on my 1 bedroom apt., didn't waste time, didn't break anything, packed everything carefully. Good job guys!
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