Professional Packing And Moving Services in Aventura

Perhaps you have no time to pack or lack the right materials — in that case we are prepared with all packing materials that you could ever need, including wardrobe boxes, china boxes, wrapping paper, packing tape, moving blankets, shrink wrap, special packaging for your mirrors and flat screen TVs and much more at a reasonable cost. For antiques, paintings, and other valuables, our experienced workers here at Aventura Movers have training in securing and transporting these items in such a way as to prevent any damage whatsoever.

We can pack and ship pictures, mirrors, large art work, plasma TVs, and fragile electronics. No matter how fragile or large, we have the right boxes and materials for it. We have insured shipping through Freight, UPS, FedEx, or Overnight available if needed. Also we can crate your marble, fine art and antiques, and wrap and palletize your boxes and furniture in preparation for shipping.

Here is an example of how our packing service in Aventura makes a difference:

Movement in the truck is what causes the most damage to boxes while shipping and moving. Slight movements while in transit can cause scrapes, scratches, and chips. The way to stop this movement in the moving boxes and hence avoid damage to your belongings is to select the right packing supplies and use them correctly. Different packing supplies are designed for different purposes. Three main purposes are the protection of surfaces, cushioning, and void-fill. Surface protection is a protection of surfaces (paintings, china, furniture etc.) from suffering damage by rubbing up against other items. Supplies like small bubble wrap, packing paper, furniture wrap, and foam sheets are good for this purpose. Bubble wrap and foam are generally cut to smaller sizes so they can easily be wrapped around your smaller objects.

Packing paper and furniture pads are wider so they need a packing method called the wrap and roll technique. This is a simple process — simply layout a sheet of paper and put the item in the middle. Then you take the three corners of the paper to the center of the object — the bottom and the two side corners. Roll the object up toward the top corner, and then pack the object into the moving box. This technique will be used on almost everything you pack with paper.

Cushioning is the second main purpose for using moving supplies for protection. This involves adding a protective layer around your item in order to prevent breakage from items bouncing together. It isn’t another object that is causing the damage but the weight of the item itself along with gravity. An adequate layer of cushioning can prevent most breakage, especially when combined with a fully packed moving box.

The first two methods will do no good if a packing box has lots of empty space. That’s why it’s so important to pack for density by packing your moving boxes as tightly as possible. Be sure to pack all empty spaces with the right protection. This is the third purpose packing supplies – void-fill. Most moving boxes need some sort of void-fill — something to fill up the empty space once the box has been loaded with its contents. Some packing supplies that serve this purpose are larger bubble wrap, and packing wrap and peanuts. The most important thing is that there is no movement within the box. A good test is to check if the box rattles or makes noise then the contents could be damaged.


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