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Relocating your business operation is a challenging task but our team of Aventura movers is experienced in working efficiently to ensure less down time for your employees. With expert preparation prior to the move we can have your Aventura office relocated within hours. For example, we offer evening and weekend service at no extra charge, which avoids work day closings of your business. Our expert relocation team always provides service customized to your needs and budget. Preparation and proper planning are the keys to any move but especially for a customer-facing business, downtime at the location directly affects the bottom line. The main objective in a business move is to be time and cost efficient.

The less time you spend moving the better it will be for your company. Before the move, examine your new office space so you can plan exactly how your furniture and items will be laid out which will save time at the end of your move. Make checklists of what needs to be discarded, what needs to be moved and where — label all furniture items, boxes, and equipment so that when our Aventura moving team arrives, we can be as efficient as possible.

If your equipment or decor needs custom packing, let us know ahead of time and we will provide all necessary packing materials for your fragile. Cubicle breakdown can be scheduled on a prior evening if necessary to make the move day as streamlined as possible.

Here is a basic breakdown of a timeline for a successful commercial move in Aventura:

Six weeks before your business move

  • Discuss time critical components of moving computers and network equipment with IT department
  • Assign “Move Coordinator” role to employees in each department
  • Schedule weekly meetings with assigned Move Coordinators to plan and discuss current move operation status
  • Schedule meeting with Aventura Movers representative
  • Notify management of the origin & destination location(in writing) when the move will take place
  • Clearly define all areas of employee responsibility

Four weeks before move

  • Meet with your Aventura Movers project rep to finalize schedule
  • Review responsibilities and timeline
  • Create and distribute employee move instructions packet
  • Prepare agenda and content for employee move orientation meeting
  • Identify high-value or cumbersome items and provide list to your moving representative
  • Discuss insurance coverage during move with your carrier

Three weeks prior

  • Host move orientation meeting with employees
  • Schedule packing material delivery with Aventura relocation rep for employees to pack their work stations
  • Schedule staff to be on-site during move
  • Establish communication methods for the move i.e. cell phones, radios, etc.

Two weeks prior

  • Have cartons & labels delivered and distributed
  • Designate lost & found area at destination
  • Make emergency precautions plan for move
  • Reserve elevators
  • Be in contact with IT personnel and suppliers
  • Be in contact for telecommunications suppliers

Move week

  • Confirm all building reservations
  • Conduct supervisor orientation meeting with your Aventura Movers project manager
  • Complete full review of labeling, schedule, facility protection and items needing special attention
  • Walk the space and check progress, be ready and available to answer employee questions
  • Confirm schedules of on-site personnel during the move and distribute cell phones or radios
  • Place signs at the destination including floor plans, office layout diagrams and individual workstation placards
  • Distribute copies of floor plans to all employees who will be on-site during the move
  • Survey the new facility for any existing damage to the walls, door jambs or floors, for insurance purposes.

Moving Day

  • Assign move coordinators to old and new location.
  • Have personnel available to direct movers and answer questions regarding item placement
  • Monitor and keep track of any items going to lost and found
  • Perform final walk through with move supervisor at the old facility to make sure all items have been moved
  • Cleanup and arrange at the end of the job

After the move you may have temporary or long term storage needs for files, furniture, equipment or excess inventory, and our rep will be happy to accomodate you accordingly. We are fully insured, licensed and bonded in the state of Florida. Our Aventura relocation team will always strive to surpass your highest expectations and provide you and your business with quality service and peace of mind, at the lowest prices in town.


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